Our development team is growing – Welcome to Vaana, Jacopo!

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The year 2019 has started swiftly here at Vaana. Now we are happy to welcome the newest member of our development team. Warmest welcome, Jacopo Bufalino – we are happy to have you here!

Italian Jacopo has started working at Vaana as a software developer in the beginning of this year.  Jacopo has studied Software Engineering at Polytechnic University of Turin. Previously he has worked at FCA Group, EDISU and Aalto University.

– From outside Vaana appears as a leading and well structured company. People are enthusiast and skilled, Jacopo describes his recent feelings.

Jacopo is planning on starting part-time PhD studies next summer. These studies help him to deepen his knowledge in security and privacy – topics that could be related to Jacopo’s work here at Vaana also.

– I look forward to helping people in this freedom-of-choice scenario. Of course personally I would like to gain expertise in software development and management, he says.

Jacopo wants to encourage any international specialists who are planning on having a career in Finland. He emphasizes that Finland is very active in the IT field and the market of software-based companies is growing.

– Overall Vaana is a nice company and I like my colleagues and working environment, Jacopo summarizes.

Vaana has currently several open developer positions. Check out our open positions and apply here