Vaana’s Development Team keeps growing – Welcome to Vaana, Mike!

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We are thrilled to announce that our development team has grown again with one highly talented developer – welcome to Vaana, Mike Shevchuk!

Russian Mike started working at Vaana as a software developer in September. Mike has a degree in engineering and he has studied Control Systems and Radioelectronics at Tomsk State University.

– I used to play multiple roles in IT scene during last 15 years, started with random things but soon switched to user interfaces. I participated in building banking systems development, e-commerce, retail, game development and telecommunication services, Mike sums up his career prior to starting at Vaana.

Mike thinks that Helsinki and Finland are overall in good hands regarding product development and IT, there are a lot of things going on in the field. He thinks that the Finnish culture itself has a great impact on people’s way of working.

– Don’t be afraid of not knowing Finnish language, you will be surprised of the variety of different nationalities here, he encourages.

Vaana caught Mike’s eye as a potential working place by being a place where seasoned professionals are working to make our society a better place through our product.

– Vaana is an amazing place with great internal communications and a place where you can share your ideas and unleash your potential, Mike describes his first impressions.

Are you interested in working at Vaana? Check out our job openings and apply now!