Privacy Statement for job applicants

Vaana Oy’s privacy statement for job applicants

Data controller

Vaana Oy (Business id: 2780101-9), Yrjönkatu 11 B, 00120 Helsinki, +358 40 172 3700,

Person responsible for personal data file matters and the data protection officer

Marketing & Communication Manager Enni Ikonen (person responsible for personal data file matters), Vaana Oy, Yrjönkatu 11 B, 00120 Helsinki, tel. +358 50 536 7392, email:

Data Protection Officer Jami Pulkkinen, Vaana Oy, Yrjönkatu 11 B, 00120 Helsinki, tel. +358 406 472 977, email:

Name of the personal data file

Vaana Oy’s job applicant register

The basis and purpose of processing personal data

Vaana Oy processes personal data on the basis of the job applicant’s consent to the processing of their data and/or in order to comply with the responsibilities and special rights of Vaana Oy and the job applicant in regards to labour law.

Vaana Oy collects and processes the personal data of job applicants in order to be able to perform the procedures and management necessary to the recruitment process and make decisions in regards to filling positions.

What kind of data do we collect?

Below are some examples of the data Vaana Oy collects from job applicants when necessary for the recruitment process:

  • basic personal information, such as name and contact information
  • information related to education, job experience, skills and language proficiency
  • job application and CV, if applicable
  • information relevant to the position being applied for, such as information on the type and nature of the employment relationship, salary requirements and job initiation
  • information related to assessing the person and their aptitude
  • information concerning to the progression of the applicant’s recruitment process
  • other information supplied by the applicant, such as links to online profiles, portfolios and other sources
  • reference information supplied by the applicant themselves.

Where do we collect data from?

The data in Vaana Oy’s job applicant register is collected from the applicant themselves and the information sources that the applicant has provided to Vaana Oy during the application process. These information sources include, for example, links to online profiles, portfolios and other sources.

How long do we store data and how do we protect it?

We store personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purpose the data is used for. We generally store open applications for 12 months after receiving them and may use them to fill any positions that open up during that period.We will erase the job applicant’s personal data at their request if there are no bases for continuing to store the data.

We generally store applications targeted at a specific position for 12 months. If the job application results in a job interview and/or aptitude assessment, we will store the data collected during the interview and aptitude assessment as well as the job application documents provided by the applicant for 12 months after our last contact with the applicant regarding the position.

If the job applicant becomes an employee, we may store the data related to their job application process as a part of their employee profile in accordance with our privacy statement concerning the personal data of our employees.

Only Vaana Oy employees whose job description requires and entitles them to process a job applicant’s personal data have access to databases containing personal data. These databases are protected by both technological and organisational measures, such as restricted user groups, user names and passwords as well as other relevant technological means. Vaana Oy employees who process personal data are bound by confidentiality obligations regarding this data.

To whom do we disclose data?

Vaana Oy does not disclose the personal data of job applicants to outsiders without the applicant’s consent. The job applicant’s data may be disclosed within Vaana Oy to persons involved in the recruitment process. These persons may include the direct supervisor, person responsible for HR and / or other internal persons relevant to the job being applied for, such as potential future work partners and colleagues. If the job applicant gives their consent, their data may be disclosed to, for example, external consultants for evaluation purposes.

Vaana Oy does not transfer any personal data outside the EU or EEA.

What are the job applicant’s rights regarding accessing their data?

According to Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, the job applicant has the right to access data concerning themselves that is stored in Vaana Oy’s personal data file or to be informed that their data has not been stored in the file. Vaana Oy will hand over the aforementioned data to the applicant upon request. The request for data must be sent in written form to the person responsible for Vaana Oy’s personal data files and/or the data protection officer at privacy(at)

The job applicant has the right to demand that any incorrect data concerning them be rectified, erased and/or completed.

The job applicant has the right to submit a matter concerning the Personal Data Act to be processed by a supervisory authority (data protection officer).

Last update: 1/6/2022